October Writing Goals | 2020

Happy Spooky Season a.k.a The REAL Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Hope y’all are celebrating Halloween as best as y’all can while social distancing. As we step into October, it’s time to recap September’s goals and come up with some brand-spankin’ new October writing goals.

Be sure to check out my September goals post if you haven’t already!

September Goals Wrap Up

Continue Working on Project BAN V1.5 [NOPE]

I’m not working on Project BAN for the unforeseeable future so I can focus on other writing projects. To learn more about my thought process surrounding shelving Project BAN, check out this post.  

Read More About Storytelling [DONE]

Over September, I’ve been learning through reading free writing resources on the internet. I’d highly recommend story coach Lisa Cron’s list of free resources and DIY MFA’s list of free writing resources.

Most recently, I’ve been researching the Save the Cat plotting method. Artist Phil Gyford has an excellent post on Save the Cat from a screenwriting perspective. Screenwriter Erik Bork has a list of movies on his website that fit each of Save the Cat’s ten genres. Although both posts are discussing screenwriting, they can easily be applied to any fiction writing.

There’s a lot of great information out there on the internet — I’m trying to soak it up like Spongebob!

Begin Working on a Short Fiction Collection [NOPE]

That Project Mixtape idea went nowhere LMAO. I have written a few pieces by using songs as jumpoff points, but they’re not a collection. I’ve just been stretching my writing limbs. For example, I recently wrote a story surrounding Childish Gambino’s “The Night Me And Your Mama Met”

Pitch More [NOPE]

My work schedule has been quite busy over September, which is a blessing! As a result, I didn’t have time for other work.

Continue Updating This Blog Twice a Week [NOPE]

Again, I’ve been busy. Once a week sounds more of my speed, with the occasional bonus Jonas post when I feel inspired. We’ll see sis!

We out here rebranding spooky season as the spooky productive season. My October writing goals are below:

Work on NaNo Prep

I have decided on a project for NaNoWriMo 2020! I have never gone so hard on outlining a project in my life, so I’m excited to see what’ll come from it.

My NaNo prep will include: 

  • Developing a Save the Cat beat sheet
  • Developing characters
  • Brainstorming scene ideas
  • Writing a premise and synopsis
  • Creating a Pinterest mood board
  • Creating a Spotify playlist (and choosing a theme song)
  • Writing backstory short stories
  • And more!

Read Writing Craft Books

Recently, I bought Lisa Cron’s Story Genius and John Truby’s The Anatomy of Story. I plan on reading them both during October. I’ve already started reading The Anatomy of Story and I’m enjoying applying its exercises to my NaNo story.

Update This Blog Once a Week

*crosses fingers*

Continue Time-Tracking

September was the first month I spent time-tracking and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing it my entire freelance career. It’s invaluable. If you aren’t time-tracking please get with the winning team!

What are y’all’s goals for October? What’s your favorite scary movie? (Promise I’m not ol’ boy from Scream) I wish y’all a productive month!

If you would like to read more about my writing journey, I’d recommend my posts about my Camp NaNo project, music I listen to while writing, or my September writing goals!

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