4 Ways I’m Continuing My Self Care Journey

In a recent Nia Diaries post, I mentioned that I wanted to practice more self-compassion.  As the first step on that journey, I have compiled four different ways I’m going to continue my self care journey. With each activity, I hope I can take better care of myself inside and out.

1. Journaling

There is a special kind of magic that happens when you let out all of your emotions into the pages of a journal. I have been journaling occasionally since July and it has been nothing but a positive experience. After a 15-minute journaling session, my mind feels so much clearer. Journaling also helps me to be more self-aware and see patterns within myself, whether they are positive or negative. I want to make journaling a weekly habit at least.

2. Taking Myself Out on Dates

During these  “dates” I will dive headfirst into what I like. From my clothes to the food I eat, I won’t answer to anyone. I’d love for these dates to include activities that don’t require as much of my analytical brain as my daily work life does. (As a writer, my analytical brain is running at level 10000 at all times).

In a perfect world, I’d be going out to eat or going to the movies solo. I hope to find another way to explore my interests alone. I want to learn more about what I’m drawn to and what I like, without having to worry about pleasing other people.

3. Finding a Positive Affirmation/Focus Word

Repeatedly seeing a positive affirmation or focus word each day helps you stay in a positive mindset, even if you truly aren’t feeling your best. I plan to put positive reminders where I can see them most often, whether they are at my desk or in my room. I’m thinking my focus word is going to be: compassion. If you’re interested in finding your own focus word, Heidi over at Happiness is Homemade has an awesome list of impactful words to help you choose.

4. Taking a 24-Hour Social Media Detox

I’ve been on social media for over 10 years. I’ve never taken a full day away from it. I truly have a social media addiction and I’m ready to take serious steps to ease myself off of it. Although social media does bring me joy at times, most of the time I leave apps like Twitter and Instagram either pissed off or jealous. Yet, I keep coming back to it because I yearn for that sense of community.

I was listening to the Creative Pep Talk podcast earlier this week (highly recommend that y’all check it out), and Andy J. Pizza was talking about self-care practices that you can utilize to help you create your best work. At the beginning of the episode, there was this great bit where he was talking about productivity. Referring to experts in habit formation, he said that to change your habits you’ve got to think of it in terms of addition instead of subtraction.

I’m going to incorporate that A+ advice into my “social media detox”. I’m going to fill my day so many fun activities I won’t even think about social media. (Hopefully). 

How is your self care journey going? Have any suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments section below!

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