My August Writing Goals | 2020

My August writing goals center around the resurgence of Project BAN, a novel I began working on during NaNoWriMo 2017. I rediscovered it last May and wrote the majority of Project BAN’s first draft from mid-May to mid-June. After finishing Project BAN’s first draft, I decided I would wait until August-ish to start crafting a second draft.

Since August is just around the corner, let’s chat about my writing goals.

#1: Rereading and Outlining Project BAN

I’m so excited to dive back into the world of Project BAN and see how strong the bones of the story actually are. I know there’s going to be plot holes, rambling, and awkward dialogue galore, but dammit I don’t care. I’m excited to see this behemoth of clay I have gathered and slowly begin to mold it into a jaw-dropping, world-shattering sculpture…or at least a nice bowl.

I am also going to be reading Save the Cat! Writes a Novel while I reread Project BAN. Word on these writer streets is Save the Cat! is the truth. I figure it will help me outline Project BAN and give me a good jump-in point for its second draft.

#2: Starting the Second Draft of Project BAN

Writing the second draft of Project BAN is going to be an interesting feat. I have never written the second draft of a novel before, ever. My plan, at the moment, is to completely rewrite the first draft and try to fix the problems I notice during my reread. My second draft is going to be a stab in the dark but I’m excited to learn more about writing and editing.

#3: Trying Out Scrivener

Right along with Save the Cat!, the hype around Scrivener in the writing community is insane. As a Camp NaNo winner [see bright and shiny certificate below for proof]

I have a 50% off code for Scrivener. The code expires in November. That gives me a good chunk of time to decide whether Scrivener is the right investment for me as a writer.

I started my free trial a week ago and I’ve only opened the app a handful of times. I’m so confused and overwhelmed by it. But, I’m going to try, y’all. I think using it will be beneficial for my writing but there’s a steep learning curve.

#4: Trying New Productivity Methods

In July, I began using the Pomodoro technique throughout my workday: a 25-minute work sprint followed by a 5-minute break with a longer, 25-minute break after four sprints. So far, it’s been working well. But, I want to find more ways to use my time more efficiently.

For example, I want to try out time-tracking. I love the Pomodoro timer I use on my phone but one of the downsides is that I’m not able to categorize or label each session. I’m planning on using a spreadsheet throughout my workdays to see how much time I’m really spending on freelance and creative projects.

From tracking my steps to having a food diary, I found that I’m motivated by tracking data. I have noticed patterns within my own life and found ways to work smarter, not harder. Time-tracking my workday could provide the same benefits.

Additionally, one aspect I thoroughly enjoyed while participating in Camp NaNoWriMo is tracking my word count progress. I loved seeing the graph and breaking my long-term, monthly goal into bite-sized daily pieces. I would love to research a way to bring daily word count tracking/graphing into my non-NaNo writing life.

What are your August writing goals? Let me know in the comments section below!

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