My Black Love Story Playlist | Camp NaNoWriMo

My Camp NaNoWriMo project, Project Dewey, is inspired by Black romantic comedies like Brown Sugar, Love Jones, and the recently released The Photograph. Along with each movie’s plot and characters, one of the most memorable parts of each movie is its respective soundtracks. One of my wildest author dreams is getting one of my books adapted into a movie — so I had to create my own black love story playlist for the hypothetical movie adaptation of Project Dewey.

Below are five romantic tracks that would fit perfectly on the Project Dewey soundtrack.

1. Fall in Love – Goldlink feat. Ciscero 

If there’s one thing that ya girl loves the most, it’s sweet, sweet juxtaposition. “Fall in Love” is upbeat enough to capture the attention of the viewer at the beginning of the movie. But, on the other side, its lyrics reveal a deeper theme that can be fleshed out more throughout the movie’s runtime.

2. Incomplete – Sisqo

One of my favorite parts of romantic comedies is a scene I’d like to call: “You’re-Just-As-Weird-As-I-Am”. It features a shared interest that the main character and their love interest have, leading them to believe that they’re more like each other than they ever could have thought.

For example, the MC (main character) and the LI (love interest) may find out that are both massive Dru Hill fans after they both get a particular question right about Sisqo during a college trivia night. This shines a light on the LI that the MC may not have seen before; leading them to have the initiative to spark a conversation. And, also, I just really like this song.

3. I Want You Around (Remix) – Snoh Aalegra feat. 6LACK

“I Want You Around” screams the infatuation period or honeymoon phase. I’m visualizing a rose-colored, lovey-dovey montage where MC and LS are doing stereotypical puppy love things, like feeding each other grapes in a park or sharing earbuds a la Jim and Pam from The Office.

4. Could’ve Been – H.E.R. (feat. Bryson Tiller) 

After the MC found out that LI was texting someone else/has a girlfriend back home/lied about X, Y, or Z it is sad montage time! “Could’ve Been” would be playing during the saddest part of the movie where the two black love story main characters are convinced that whatever spark they may have had is done-zo! Bring in the Ben & Jerry’s, pajamas, and endless reruns of The Jamie Foxx Show, just to watch Jamie and Fancy’s relationship blossom.

5. Wake Up Love – Teyana Taylor feat. Iman.

After MC and LI realized that the main conflict was just a big misunderstanding, we back again with that black on black love baby! “Wake Up Love” is giving me big we-belong-together energy and feels perfect for the end credits. It’s warm and fuzzy enough to make you smile but it’s enough of a bop to keep you staying in the theater for a few extra minutes to look up the song with Shazam.

Do you have a playlist for your story? Are you writing a black love story too? I want to know about it all in the comments below!


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