My Podcast Recommendations (Pop Culture, Writing)

2020 is the year of the podcast — for me anyway. Whether I’m getting some freelance work done, cleaning around the house, or going on a daily nature walk, I am usually listening to a podcast to occupy my mind. I couldn’t recommend the five podcasts below enough — check them out!


Pop Culture Podcasts

1. Bodega Boys

Bodega Boys is a pop culture commentary podcast hosted by two of the Bronx’s finest: Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. I first found Desus and Mero back in 2016 when they began hosting their daily talk show on Viceland. Late to the party; I know.

But, y’all, listening to Bodega Boys brings so much joy into my life. These two are freaking HILARIOUS. Their pop culture commentary does a great job of finding the light in dark situations while still having kernels of truth. The brand is strong y’all; the brand is strong.

2. Reality Graveyard

Hosted by Kim and Katie, Reality Graveyard dives into the golden era of reality TV: the 2000s. Along with providing funny commentary, Kim and Katie often do interviews with past contestants.

For example, I recently rewatched the cinematic masterpiece that is Daisy of Love on Hulu. I was shocked when I realized that Reality Graveyard has interviews with the final four guys on Daisy of Love. How cool!!! I loved getting a behind-the-scenes look on the show and how this decade-old experience affects the past contestants today.


Business/Creativity Podcasts

3. Creative Pep Talk

Hosted by freelance illustrator Andy J. Pizza, Creative Pep Talk “helps you build a thriving creative practice.” Listening to Creative Pep Talk feels like you are listening to a speaker at one of those really expensive conferences.

His content is accessible and fun, while at the same time being insightful, informative, and super inspiring. I swear I am not BSing you; listening to the Creative Pep Talk has changed my freelance writing business for the better. If you are a creative, you need to listen to Creative Pep Talk. And, that’s on periodt.


Writing Podcasts

4. The Write Type

The Write Type, hosted by author Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, is a publishing/writing-centered podcast that often features interviews with authors from marginalized communities, (LGBTQIA+, POC, etc.). I had been STRUGGLING to find a writing podcast that wasn’t hosted by someone who was white or featured white authors 99% of the time. I was SO happy to find The Write Type.

The host and her guests have conversations that are needed in the writing community. I recently was listening to her interview with author Ashia Monet and they were having this incredible conversation about black representation in queer lit. I was literally clapping my hands and stomping my feet while I was listening to it on one of my daily walks. Please go listen; especially if you’re a writer.

5. How to Write a Novel

Hosted by author Keith McNally, How to Write a Novel details the writer’s process of bringing his literary ideas to fruition. As writers, we are a bit obsessed with the polished end product, whether that is an article or a novel. But, the process is just as important — if not more.

I love seeing how McNally juggles the writing process with his everyday life. Also, he has a ton of backlogged podcast content where he’s traveling around the world — which I LOVE. It surely helps me deal with my wanderlust while I’m stuck in quarantine.

What podcasts do y’all listen to? Have any recommendations for lil’ ol’ me? Let me know in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “My Podcast Recommendations (Pop Culture, Writing)

  1. Hey, this is Keith, thanks for the shout out! I wish I could get back to traveling so much… my friend got trapped in Japan, because his visa expired, but the borders are closed due to covid. So they extended his visa, and in his city, the virus isn’t that bad. So in a way, he got a free extended stay in Japan! It’s hard to call anyone lucky during virus-times, but that’s a little lucky. I’m pretty jealous.

    1. No problem at all! But that is pretty cool, gotta look on the bright side of things especially now. Hope you’re doing well and that everything gets back to normal sooner rather than later so you can get back to traveling!

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