PILOT SEASON #2: Upload’s “Welcome to Upload”

If you know me, you know that I’m a die-hard fan of The Office a.k.a the-best-show-ever-created. After hearing that Prime Video’s newest comedy Upload was created by the one and only Greg Daniels, I just knew the show was going to end up in my queue. But, was the pilot of Upload any good? Keep reading to find out. 

This Premise is Everything Honey

What gripped me, after the Greg Daniels co-sign, is the premise. We all wonder about what happens after we die. But, a virtual afterlife opens up a world of opportunity story-wise and, at the same time, it doesn’t feel out of our reach. The technology of Upload, set in 2033, feels next-gen.

You’ve got your self-driving cars and phones built into your hands, all are things that have been discussed recently. As a result, watching Upload doesn’t seem too far from our reality. This piqued my interest as a viewer even more.


Building Plot vs. Building Character

The main goal of the Upload pilot is to sell you on the plot and the characters at the same damn time. Upload did it well. In the show’s hour-long runtime, I didn’t feel lost on either element. The two main characters of the series are Nathan (played by the late 2000s – early 2010s heartthrob Robbie Amell), an app developer, and Nora (played by Andy Allo who played in freaking Prince’s band back in the day) a customer service rep catering to Nathan during his afterlife.

I enjoyed how they built these characters up without it turning into the Exposition News Network. For example, during Nathan’s dinner with his girlfriend Ingrid and her family, I could sense there was some tension lingering about their relationship without them having to dive deep into their back story.

I understood enough about each character’s background to become intrigued. When the episode came to a close, there was a level of mystique that made me want to keep watching.


Cultural Commentary, but the Enjoyable Kind

Although the series is marketed as a comedy, there are a handful of deep issues that are introduced in the first episode like class hierarchies, the power of capitalism, and the afterlife.

For example, a few moments after Nathan arrives in his virtual afterlife, he tries to get a certain drink from his room’s fridge. He’s then met with the option to charge the connected credit card to get the drink. It’s a microtransaction, in heaven!!

It makes me wonder, will life someday be like this? Will the morals of our society devolve so much our obsession with capitalism will bleed into our afterlives? If a show encourages me to think that deeply, there must be something good there.

One sentence synopsis: “It’s basically a who-dun-it sprinkled with romance that has microtransactions.”

Will I keep watching? 

I definitely will. I’m very interested in the story, especially the mystery surrounding Nathan’s death. I’m also already a dedicated shipper of Nathan & Nora, so I’ve got to see how their relationship develops.

Is Upload on your binge-watching list? If you are a Greg Daniels fan, what’s your favorite show of his? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

To send y’all off, I’ve got to mention my absolute favorite song from Greg Daniels’ series The Office. I swear, I sing this song in my day-to-day life all the time.

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