NIA’S WRITING HISTORY: Why I Want to Write a Novel

Before I became a journalist, copywriter, and an overall badass wordsmith, I wrote fiction. Like many other writers born into the internet age, I jumped into the crazy world of writing by writing fanfiction. I’ve written countless stories involving my favorite celebrities and inside the worlds of my favorite television shows. Sadly, most of the sites I used to write on are currently defunct. I swear, I’d pay a lot of money to get my old, cringe-worthy writing back.

Even as a young writer penning fanfiction for online readers, I was notorious for abandoning stories. For example, I used to write stories inspired by my favorite songs. Whenever I fell in love with a new song, I would immediately abandon the story I was working on for the fresh, albeit ill-conceived idea that popped into my head.

You can call me the Professor Calamitous of the fanfiction world. That’s why I’ve always loved the idea of writing a novel, even as a kid.

Writing a Novel at 16

Way, way, way back when I had way less stress and a lot more time on my hands, I was one of the thousands of people to take on NaNoWriMo. For those who aren’t hip, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Those who take part in the yearly writing adventure try their hand at writing 50,000 words in 30 days.

In 2011, I wrote a 50,000+ word novel in 30 days. I haven’t read through the novel since. But, I still can’t believe an entire book written by me exists.

It’s been almost ten years. A lot has changed. I’ve learned how to Milly Rock and I’ve cut off the permed ends of my hair. But, the desire to write a novel is still ever-present in the back of my mind.

Writing for Myself vs. Writing for Others

Most of what I write for clients is website content and nonfiction articles. I do enjoy it, but recently I have felt like my creativity has been lacking. I don’t do nearly as much creative writing as I used to.  Rarely do I ever time out of my day to work on projects that don’t have a bag involved.

I’ve long wondered about starting a creative project where I can exercise my creative muscles, explore my interests, and put my perseverance to work. This book is the creative project I’ve needed for months, if not years.

The Process of Writing a First Draft

Writing a book is difficult. It’s equally an exercise of the brain and the body. Not only do you have to come up with the words, but you also have to make writing those words a rock-solid habit.

The most important part of writing the first draft of a novel is to throw your angsty, detail-oriented, whiny inner editor out of the window and just write. I’m a cynical critic at heart, so this has ultimately been the hardest part. But, every day it gets easier and easier to let go of my inhibitions and just write.

I’m currently 26k words into Project BAN. I love seeing the story piece itself together as I write, especially since I’m way more a pantser than a plotter.

My hopes are that next year around this time I’ll have a polished, dope ass novel to share with the world. But, I don’t necessarily have any deadlines or regulations I am forcing myself to abide by. I’m just trying to push myself to write every day or at least every weekday. Take it from me guys, when you put action behind your words; you won’t be able to believe the magic you can create.

Are you currently working on a creative project? Let me know down below; I’d love to learn more about it!

Of course, I have to have a song to further drive my creative inspiration. The song that has been getting me into the writing zone is below; don’t tell anybody I gave y’all this super, top-secret sneak peek into my newest project!

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    1. I feel you on the 90%. Once you hit that level, you’ve just got to cross your fingers and release it to the wild lol; good luck with your project!

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