How Meditation Helped Me Handle COVID-19 Stress

Many times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic I have turned into a tangled, matted ball of stress. Some of the many events that I’ve dealt with in the past month include a loss of income, sick family members/friends, social isolation, and acne breakouts that just won’t quit. To combat seemingly never-ending stress, I’ve been practicing meditation.

How I Got Put On To Meditation

From scrolling through my Tumblr feed to listening to college lectures, I’ve heard of meditation countless times but rarely took it seriously. It wasn’t until I read more about meditation in Sarah Wilson’s book First, We Make the Beast Beautiful that I began to see its true value. Wilson describes meditation as a method that can be morphed to fit your own lifestyle. All you need to meditate is time, the rest is up to you.

Some sessions are better than others. But, I’ve learned it’s okay to suck at meditation sometimes, which is a concept that Wilson mentions in her book. Some days, I feel so at peace while meditating I can almost feel Gandhi patting me on the back for a job well done. Other days, I may not be able to stop thinking about those Hot Cheetos that I ordered from the grocery store a few days before. Both sessions are equally important and beneficial to my meditation journey.

My Favorite Meditation App: Insight Timer

I’ve tried out a few meditation apps and Insight Timer is the best free meditation app by far. Specifically, I’ve been super into the app’s guided meditations. They have been developed by independent creators worldwide and are organized by benefit, time, and method. I love listening to a work-related relaxation meditation after a long day of writing.

There is an option for a monthly subscription, but I use the free version and I enjoy it all the same. Unlike other meditation apps that I’ve tried, Insight Timer doesn’t bury you in ads. Besides, wouldn’t excessive ads completely negate the stress-relieving effects of meditation?

If you are one of the many dealing with excess stress, I’d highly recommend incorporating meditation into your routine.

I’ve been trying to keep as busy as possible to avoid worrying. Usually, that’s with work, new hobbies or random FaceTime calls. But, constant action isn’t always the right way. Meditation helps me tap into a calmness within myself that I didn’t know existed. After the session comes to a close, I have clearer mental clarity and can put my energy into people and places that matter.

Are you a fan of meditation? If so, what are the online meditation resources/apps/websites/etc that you swear by? Comment them below; I would love to try something new!

Stay safe and remember you are doing the best you can!

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