When times get rough, sometimes you have to brush the dust off your Baby Phat T-shirt from 2003, iron out your jorts, and do the sturdiest Harlem Shake to your favorite throwbacks. This quarantine playlist is inspired by some of my favorite 2000s artists that turned my middle and high school dances into lituations.

Plugin your headphones and let’s take a walk down memory lane.

P.S. I hope you are safe, well, and sane during this crazy time of social distancing, self-quarantining, anxiety, and information overload. We’re dealing with unprecedented times, so it can be hard to manage both your physical and emotional health; myself included. But, something that has been helping me tremendously is music. I hope this playlist brings you peace, positivity, and light!


1. Sammie

“I Like It” (1999)

If you ask my mom, she would say that Sammie is one of the first crushes I’ve ever had. Over 15 years later, I still get butterflies whenever my 2000s-themed Spotify playlist plays “I Like It”. From the video’s red light, green light segment to Sammie’s iconic black, yellow, and white oversized “From the Bottom to the Top” jacket, the video screams nostalgia in the best way.


“You Should Be My Girl” (2006)

The resurgence of Sammie shocked me as a permed up, capri pants sporting 11 years old. I couldn’t get enough of this song on my iPod shuffle, especially Sean Paul’s verse in the latter half of the track.


2. Soulja Boy

“Bird Walk” (2008)

Although this dance song is the less popular-distant cousin to Soulja Boy’s multi-platinum decade-defining “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”, it doesn’t mean it’s any less catchy. I clearly remember the dance completely taking over my middle school. I, with two left feet, spent night after night practicing the dance in the mirror to no avail. For some odd reason, I still remember how to crank that Batman though.


“Yahhh! / Report Card” (2007)

Soulja Boy really had us screaming in each other’s faces with this song. I wonder what happened to Arab though. One of my friends used to have a heavy crush on him back in the day. This song still slaps like you wouldn’t believe, especially the latter half, “Report Card”.


3. Bow Wow

“Take Ya Home” (2001)

As this song was an important part of one of the best 2000s movies ever made, Like Mike, I, of course, remember all the words to it. Can anybody beat Bow’s Harlem Shake in this video? I think not. If you were wondering, in the battle between Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo I always sided with Bow Wow.


“Let’s Get Down” (2003)

I believe this is the first song where Bow Wow dropped the “Lil”; which shocked me and my posse of 8-year-olds. The song’s still fire though.


“Let Me Hold You” feat. Omarion (2005)

In the era of 2000s collaborations, “Let Me Hold You” has got to be one of the greatest. The combination of Omarion and Bow Wow is like that one crossover Disney Channel episode, That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. It just made sense.

What songs are you listening to while staying at home? What’s your favorite song from the 2000s? I’d love to hear what you have been jamming to these days.


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