Practically two years after the straight slap in the face club banger type smash hit record Back 2 Back, Drake and Meek Mill have finally kissed and made up on Meek Mill’s “let’s pretend we’re the mob” anthem Going Bad.

Something about the combination is admittedly electrifying. Maybe it’s the fact that Meek’s last album Championships is one of the best bodies of work he’s ever put out? Maybe I’m just conditioned to love everything that Drake a.k.a Drizzy a.k.a Champagne Papi has released since he was a young-in taking over Degrassi Street. Who knows; but it definitely, as the kids would say, slaps.

Meek has a line on this track mentioning Lori Harvey (whom I believe in the step-daughter of Steve Harvey:)

“I got Lori Harvey on my wishlist (That’s Lori)

That’s the only thing I want for Christmas (True Story)”There’s been a ton of meaningless chatter around social media about Lori Harvey and her alleged gaggle of men throughout the industry that she’s been linked to with recently. People say that the list includes Meek Mill himself, Trey Songz (this was publicly confirmed through his Instagram), Justin Combs, Future, and Lewis Hamilton. If that ain’t an all star list of industry dudes, I don’t know what is.

The topic has basically put the genders against each other. Men have been calling her a hoe while women have been praising her for treating these men exactly like they treat women.

And I have to say, I’m all for praising Lori Harvey.

Especially within the hip hop industry, where the degradation of women has been embedded deeply into the genre for decades, it’s nice to see a woman toy with these dudes a bit and date around. It’s not like she’s sleeping with all these dudes (and even if she is, it really ain’t none of my business.) It’s called dating. That’s all it is.

I think this tweet definitely sums up my thoughts:

All of this hoopla may be untrue. The internet has failed me before, like in my previous post about Blueface having the “number one record in the country.”

But, even if only a sliver of it is true: Respect Lori Harvey’s gangsta.


Nia Simone

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