We’ll Love You Forever Mac Miller (1992 – 2018)

When I heard of Mac Miller’s passing, I definitely didn’t think it was real. It was the first thing I saw when I went to my Instagram app the day of, and it completely shocked me to see this news on The Shade Room. Losing him is kind of like losing someone that you went to school with. You have a memory of them in your head that’s so clear and vibrant and it’s heartbreaking to know that you’ll never see them again.

Back when I was in high school, Mac Miller was becoming extremely popular. I just listed to Knock Knock today, and it amazed me that I knew all the words to the song.

It was just so fun and carefree that I couldn’t help but listen to it over and over again. I remember back in the day listening to my friend prove his “coolness” by reciting the words to Mac Miller’s Donald Trump. I can’t lie, it did make him seem pretty cool at the time.

I won’t lie; I haven’t been the biggest Mac Miller fan since then. For some reason I’ve procrastinated listening to his recent releases, even I knew that he was a talented MC. I ran into a couple of songs that I’ve fell in love with since then, like Stay from his album The Divine Feminine.

He wasn’t just an incredible artist, he was a dope ass person. It’s sad to see someone like that go, especially in the way that he did. His music’ll live forever though; that’s for sure. Forever.

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With all my love,

Nia Simone

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