Even though I’m new to this brand-new fluorescently colored world of entrepreneurship, I know for a fact how important self-motivation is. It’s weird because ever since I was in diapers I’ve had a boss to deal with whether that’s my weird-ass English teacher from 11th grade with the lisp, my incredible, amazing, and hilarious parents, or even my non-existent boss from my old basically-minimum-wage job at Einstein’s Bagels. They all gave me the blueprint on how to do things right.

Doing this work-from-home, working for myself type of thing means that there’s only me. That’s it. There’s no higher-up that’s kicking my ass to do what’s right. If I mess up, that’s only on my shoulders. That can be quite the scary thought when there’s nobody that you can blame your mistakes on.

Still, I by no means at all regret the decisions that I’ve made when it comes to my career. Over the past year since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve gone through a lot in an effort to “get a real job.” I’ve been to tons of interviews, job fairs, gotten rejected multiple times, had a job, quit that job after a couple weeks, and stressed a billion times over that I wasn’t finding what I thought college was going to give me: a real 9 to 5 job. But, I’ve learned that I don’t have to go the typical route. There’s happiness in stepping outside the norm and going after your dreams. And every day, I feel myself getting closer to achieving them.

Also, I just plain ol’ love working from home. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and it really is a great economic decision. Since I’m working from home, I don’t have to spend money on a lot of the things that others who work out of the home do (i.e. gas, car payments, work clothes, lunch/dinner out the home, etc.) So, I’m able to save a lot more of the money that I do make.

That’s why I love working at home, even though there are a ton of distractions here that are often keeping me from my work (I just started playing this ridiculously addicting app called SongPop again, and I swear it’s killing my productivity. I am kicking everyone’s ass though.)

But, I’m enjoying the fact that I might never have this time in my life again where I’m able to work at my own pace and save as much money as possible. But, I hope this “phase” lasts forever and I’ll continue to work my ass off (when I’m not playing SongPop) to make sure that it does.

I feel good here, you know? I’m doing things that I enjoy and I’m getting paid to do it, from the comfort of my own home. Isn’t that fabulous?

But still, I really do need help with this procrastination thing.

If y’all have any productivity/self-motivation/procrastination tips, be sure to leave them in the comments section below so I can get my life together and keep making that moolah.

All my love,



  1. I power walk to get out of my usual routine and straighten out my thoughts. Not only is it exercise, but if you listen to a short podcast, it can change your perspective.

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