As if you haven’t got slapped in the face with this link at least three hundred and twenty-seven thousand times before you drunkenly stumbled onto this post. But yeah, if you (for some reason) don’t know where you can listen to the surprise Beyonce & Jay Z album Everything is Love, then you can go and stream that joint up above.

I swear, I had a whole elongated schedule before I realized that Beyonce and Jay Z had pulled an album out of the sky like they were on the deleted scenes of the Now You See It DVD. All that came to a halt when Twitter (a.k.a my morning newspaper) informed me that this had happened. I don’t even remember what I was supposed to be doing with my Saturday at this point.

When Tidal first dropped a couple of years ago, I swore that I wasn’t going to sign up for it. I don’t remember what my reasoning was at the time, maybe something about capitalism or something? I don’t know.

But yes, you can bet that the second I realized that this collaborative album was going to only be on Tidal for the unforeseeable future I grabbed my little debit card and got to work. (For some reason, Tidal promises six months of a free trial. I mean, there must be some sort of catch with that right? They must be using my debit card for some freaky money laundering scheme or something. Well, in December I’m going to be hella mad that Tidal’s charged me when I hadn’t used it in five months. Finesse.)

I listened to Everything in Love in full and I have an opinion about it that I’ll surely address in a later post. But, overall, I think it’s okay. Just alright. Fine. It basically answers the question: What would a Beyonce/Jay Z trap album look like? It’s got some pretty awesome tracks up in there (On first listen my favorites are Summer, Nice, LoveHappy, and Friends) but if I thought about the music too hard, which is something I do often, it just seemed pretty generic. My feet aren’t in the concrete on that opinion but I’ll give it a couple more listens before I make my mind up.

The production is pretty insane throughout though. Oh, and have y’all see the Apeshit video?

Pretty amazing video all throughout. Not as great of a song, but amazing video.

If y’all randomly stumbled into my little corner of the internet, be sure to let me know down below what you thought of Apeshit, Everything is Love, and how Tidal finessed us all.

All my love,


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