Yesterday, it was almost 70 degrees outside. In turn, my brain cannot fathom the fact that it is December 1st.

It’s officially Christmas season and I can finally watch all my favorite disgustingly cheesy Christmas movies and consume way too much hot chocolate. You know, it’s all for the aesthetic anyway.

There’s a lot of music that comes out in December as well. I’m super excited to dig all into that beautiful goodness and take y’all on the ride with me.

Can y’all even wrap your brain around the fact that next month it’ll be 2018? I surely cannot. I’m so excited for the new year though. Subconsciously, I’m powering myself up and getting started on my New Years resolutions early so I can just power through those bad boys once the new year rolls around.

I’m thinking about doing Blogmas (I wanted to do Vlogmas in some way or form, but vlogging just isn’t my calling LOL). If you don’t know what Blogmas is, it’s basically posting every day in December. I might just do 12 days of Blogmas in the days leading up to Christmas; so we can REALLY get excited about the big fat man in red and I can keep y’all ready and prepared for all that last minute gift hunting and Christmas playlist making. If you’re looking for Blogmas post ideas (just as I was) here’s a dope post idea list.

Before I bounce up outta here, I’m gonna drop my favorite Christmas song of all time. As of ten minutes ago.

Surely let me know how you feel about this song in the comments section below.

Also, what are y’all most excited for in December?

Until the next one guys,

Nia Simone <3


  1. Reading your blog just puts me into the Christmas spirit! Christmas movies, hot chocolate, and Christmas music!!! Yes, it’s the holiday season all right 🙂

  2. Okay, for real I had no idea that DMX had a chrismas song. I’m almost old enough to be your mother Nia, but I think we should be best friends. I’m headed over to read your Eminem/Beyonce review now. I loved the song btw, but I prefer his song on Pink’s new album. Sacrilege, I know.

    1. I’m always in the mood to make a new best friend!!! 😂 But yes girl, DMX has a Christmas song and it’s incredible isn’t it? Lol.

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