3 Quick Yoga Routines To De-Stress Your Day #SelfCareSunday

Yoga is dope.

I cannot tell you the amount of peace that spreads through my body when I take the time out to stretch my body out. YouTube has a great catalog of all sorts of exercise videos, along with yoga. Trust me, if you take ten minutes out of your day to pay attention to your body it’s going to pay you back ten-fold. Health is cool like that.

Here are a couple of awesome and quick ten-minute yoga routines to de-stress your day.

YOGATX is an excellent resource of different yoga routines for every level and situation. Need something for back pain? YOGATX got you girl. Need something for weight-loss? BAM! YOGATX got you. So, of course, they would have something short and sweet for the beginners out there. I love this routine because it’s low-impact enough not to stress me out, but has enough challenge to keep it exciting. It’s a great addition to your morning routine and might be energizing enough to make you skip that cup of Starbucks coffee.


This routine’s quite calming. It gives me a lot of space to think, even though I’m often lodged in a hectic work week. Go check out Yoga With Adrienne‘s page as well for more videos if you dig her as a yoga instructor.


If bettering your balance is your concern, then this routine is definitely the one to try out. It may be difficult on your first try, but keep at it and you’ll be hopping around like a bunny rabbit before you know it. I love Yoga With Tim because he’s super chill and always just seems like a nice friend that you occasionally do yoga with. (Also, he’s super cute. That’ll definitely help you through a difficult yoga workout.)

Have you ever thought about practicing yoga? If you do, what do you usually do in your routine? Let me know in the comments section below. 




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