October is here! It’s officially spooky time ladies and gentlemen.

This is my absolute favorite time of year. I’m in love with all aspects of the fall season and the wonderful holiday that is: HALLOWEEN! Part of me wishes that I was still young enough to get away with trick or treating because there’s something so exquisite about eating candy that isn’t yours.

I love the costumes (I have a couple ideas for this year). Also, I love scary movies and all things horror. It’s rare that I find a good scary movie, but when I do I fall in love (like I did with 2017 remake of IT!). This holiday was made for me y’all. So, trust that I’m going to be coming at y’all with a bunch of beautiful Halloween-themed content to get all of you in the spooky-scary-skeleton Halloween spirit.

Here’s to another money of securing the bag and hustling like there’s no tomorrow!

What do you love about the fall/Halloween season? Let me know about your favorite costume of years’ past; I’d love some inspiration! 

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