I never considered myself to be afraid of clowns. But, the night after I saw “IT” I could not get the movie’s villain, the creepy clown Pennywise, out of my head. I thought: “Did the movie change me?”

Pennywise is one creepy son of a bitch. Generations of children know that to be true, thanks to the iconic 90s miniseries “IT”. The 2017 movie, based on the mini-series and Stephen King’s award-winning novel “IT”, had many frightening moments, along with hilarious moments. Often, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. But, the moment creepy clown Pennywise popped up on the screen I usually had my fingers up to my face like a four-year-old anxiously awaiting what scare would come next. That doesn’t happen often.

Characters are usually not a redeeming part of horror movies. Neither are kid actors, despite diamonds in the rough like one of my favorites “Orphan”. But, “IT” had solid acting throughout the underage ensemble cast; especially from the Losers club front-runner Bill Denbrough who I think slayed (played by stand-out 14-year-old Jaeden Lieberher).

When I ordered my tickets online through the new movie ticket app Atom, I rolled my eyes at the fact that the movie was two hours and fifteen minutes long. Horror movies often pad their run-time with either mindless chatter or meaningless gore. But this movie utilizes its time in a different way with well-used character development. It spends time giving the viewer a reason to care about these kids by letting you into their often messed up world.

I liked these kids. I cared about these kids’ well-being. With most scary movies containing disposable characters I didn’t expect this movie to spend so much time making me care about these characters; much less actually succeed in doing so.

Overall, it was a rollercoaster. It seldom lets you take a breath, and when it did it did for good reason. The cast was great all around. Pennywise was a stellar villain who will haunt a new generation of children, just like Tim Curry did back in the 90s.

It a dope movie.

But, I probably won’t see it again for a long time. I like my sleep.


16 thoughts on “LIL MOVIE REVIEW: IT

  1. So I’m DYING to see this movie, but I really was terrified of the original when I watched it as a kid… so after reading your review I’ve confirmed that I probably will be terrified of this one as well! I can’t decide if I want to see it or keep my ability to sleep.. haha!

    XXOO Sunny

  2. Ha! I’m too scary to even try. You’ve done an amazing review. I care about the kids now and I haven’t seen the movie! Lol. Thanks for the review.

  3. I saw this movie the other day and omg I felt the same way! I was never afraid of clowns before this movie, the new version at least. That face, his expressions when he starts getting all crazy 😩 But I did love the character development like you said. You really start to feel almost like protective of those kids! Great movie, just SUPER creepy. Great review on it!

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