HAPPY BEYONCE DAY (oh, yeah, and Labor Day too I guess)

Happy Birthday to one of (if not the) realest to ever do it.

From Girl’s Tyme to Formation she dominated every step of the way and is a living legend. (Yeah, I said it. It’s true.)

If she wasn’t a legend, how could she get all of these iconic women to recreate her Formation outfit (including the dopest first lady ever!). Make sure to check the link out to see those pics.

Some of my fave Beyonce songs have to be Me, Myself, & I, Naughty Girl, Blow, and Destiny’s Child’s Lose My Breath, Cater 2 U, and Say My Name.

And who can forget the Flawless Remix!!!

Whoever introduced the idea of Nicki Minaj and Beyonce on the same song deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

I can’t lie to y’all. I love all Beyonce’s songs. All. Of. Them. Choosing favorite songs is like choosing favorite children.

But, can y’all do it? Do y’all have any favorite Beyonce songs? Leave them down in the comments section below.

Hope you’re enjoying your day off!

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