lil music review; DANIEL CAESAR – FREUDIAN

I pride myself on being ahead of the wave. But, on my always entertaining Twitter feed, I kept seeing people praising Toronto singer Daniel Caesar‘s new album Freudian. First off, I had no idea who this guy Daniel Caesar even was…much less what the word Freudian even meant.

So, before I actually listened to the album I did my Googles and figured out what Freudian meant: “relating to, or influenced by Sigmund Freud and his methods of psychoanalysis, especially with reference to the importance of sexuality in human behavior.” 

Naming the album “Freudian” was a very smart way to hint that the album was about the often complex interworkings of love and sex. Very smart. The album didn’t disappoint.

Daniel Caesar, to me, brings to the forefront a romance and poetic allure to R&B that I rarely see.

I always appreciate an album that’s consistent. The beats kept a slow and Funkadelic vibe throughout. The lyrical matter uses great batches of similes and metaphors. It had me in a pleasurable head space that I was comfortable in (preferably reclining in a loveseat).

To some people that may seem boring and repetitive. But, I appreciate when an artist delivers that A1 quality back to back to back.

I feel like you have to be in the right mood for this album. This is a sipping wine, looking outside at a flower field, with a Golden Labrador puppy on your lap type of album. If you’re not (or don’t want to be) on that chill of a level, then you may not appreciate this album. Oddly, I was listening to India Arie’s first album Acoustic Soul before I listened to this album and it ended up being a strangely fitting tie-in. It’s almost like this album deals in a neo-neo soul type of space more than R&B.

I am all for this album. It’s a trifecta of great lyrical content, smooth beats, and easy-to-sing-along-to vocals. Freudian is a strong body of work that should be appreciated by as many people as possible. I super duper recommend it.

Favorite Songs: Get You, Japanese Denim, Take Me Away


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    1. I totally understand that. But, you should definitely make the time for this cat right here. You could totally listen while you’re making breakfast, or working on some other work!

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