With the changing of zee seasons comes an overhaul of zee closets. A good chunk of my clothes went off to the Goodwill today. You know what that means?

Time to get more clothes.

Back to school shopping was always something that I looked forward to as a kid. Even though I no longer have school to mass-shop for anymore I still desire to bring a couple new pieces into my wardrobe. I think it’ll help me successfully transition into this whole new-adult-stage-of-life-type-of-thing. My goal is to bring a couple of pieces that’ll still be authentically me, and also bring in pieces that’ll fit in a professional setting. It’s a rigid dichotomy but I’m all for feeding both sides of the beast.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Long Overalls 

Maybe I’m obsessed by the way my faves SZA and Chance the Rapper rock and shock with this 90s staple, but I’m absolutely in love with the nostalgic look. They’re mad comfy, cute, and fashionable. I have a pair of short ones, but I need a long pair to keep my legs warm and toasty like cinnamon muffins as the temperature goes down. My hope is that I’ll find the perfect pair of overalls in a nice little thrift store, but if I cave in I have my eye on these Urban Outfitters ones in the pic.

2. Classic Blazer

Want to know an embarrassing secret? I haven’t bought a black blazer since high school. Crazy. I’m long overdue for a nice fitting black blazer that makes me feel like a million buckaroonies so I can head into those job interviews looking like the optimal candidate. H&M‘s got a stellar collection of gorgeous blazers that won’t make your wallet give you the stank face, check them out.

3. Leather Jacket

It’s been a minute since I’ve had a new, fresh leather jacket. I used to wear leather jackets religiously back in high school and the beginning of college, and ya girl misses them. They’re the perfect way to add some badassness to any outfit. Charlotte Russe has a great plus size one that I dig. I might try and look further at a thrift to find one with embellishments and the works.

4. Work Heels 

Ya girl can’t walk in heels. At all. That’s real. But, most work pants that I see are super long to compensate with heels. I can’t be walking around in flats looking like I’m floating down a hallway. So I’m trying to compromise and get some chunkier heels. I figure I won’t be wobbling too hard if I have more to balance on. These Nasty Gal ones are fire. I love the whole ankle out thing. It’s mad cute. (Nasty Gal is having a 50% off of everything sale right now; you got to come and take advantage of that blessing!!!!!)

5. Printed Head Wraps 

I don’t know about y’all, but I know I’m not going to be up to twisting and braiding up my afro every night. Or even if you do, who knows how it’s going to look in the morning? Head wraps save the day and pimp slap every bad hair day in the face. In particular, Brooklyn based brand The Wrap Life specializes in making quality head wraps. The bae got me one for Christmas and I absolutely adore it. Trust and believe, ya girl is getting at least two more. Gotta stay fly, even on the days where my hair ain’t trying to let me win.

What’s on y’alls fall fashion wishlist? Maybe I can add some more fabulousness to my list, so I can have my swag drippin’ like y’all.




  1. Yes! I love a good blazer. The more the better. Of course I’ll be wearing my leather jacket this fall. Head wraps is a must all year round especially since I’m lazy with my hair and I need something to do that requires little time.

  2. I’ve been known to rock all 5 of these things! Thanks for the link to the head wraps. I’ve been looking for some new ones. I LOL when you talked about flats and you looking like you’re floating through the hallway. I’m short so I can totally relate. Great fall wish list!

  3. I’m at a stage where I hate everything in my closet :S haha! If I could get staple pieces for the season, I would get a nice shawl – easily transferable across environments. I need a new pair of *those* jeans, the ones that fit and look just right. I’m on the search for comfortable and good looking bras. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Everything on your list are things that I really need! I need a new leather jacket like today! and overalls with a cropped sweatshirt yes!!!

  5. Classic blazer is my go-to to dress up any work outfit and I LOVE that you included the overalls on this. I’ve got shorts overalls but need a good pair of pants overalls. Love!

    1. Girl you’ve got to try it. They have such a regal feel to them that they’ll make you look bomb whenever you put one on. And there’s a ton of YouTube tutorials on the wrapping!

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