MUSIC I’M VIBING TO; J Cole – Want You To Fly

Cole is one of those artists that polarizes hip hop fans. You either adore him, or you think he’s some fake deep corn ball. Trust, I’ve met a lot of fake deep cornballs and Jermaine Cole is certainly not that. I don’t understand the hate that’s been collecting towards him and his fans over the past couple years.

Maybe, people just don’t want to actually feel something.

With his last album, 4 Your Eyez Only, I was digging into Cole’s subconscious, you know? His fears; his goals; his unique perspective. It rarely happens in today’s music industry where an artist on such a high popularity level as J Cole lets us in so close. (Ya girl can’t even score tickets to his concert. They disappear that quickly y’all. But, that’s a personal problem.) It’s something that he’s done ever since the beginning (The Come Up, Friday Night Lights etc.), but he still hasn’t lost “it”. I appreciate that as a listener.

Just ran across this song on YouTube. It’s not that new, but hey it’s new to me y’all. It’s short, but I swear it’s got my soul rocking. Check it out.

Also, check out his own tapes too. That’s the beauty of the internet; an artist’s catalog can be at our fingertips at a moment’s notice.

Take advantage of it. 


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