What’s up love muffins? Guess who just reached that 100 followers mark! Ya girl that’s who! 

I appreciate all of you beautiful people so much for choosing to rock it with me. I’ve got so many ideas to make a reality for y’all including but not limited to:

Music Reviews

Brand Spankin’ New Artist Showcases

Thrift Hauls (hauls in general, let’s be honest) 

DIYs (a.k.a when you’re broke but you still want to be fly) 

Music-inspired fashion 

Aesthetic posts 

Personal journaling-esque posts (a.k.a what ever pops up in land of lil’ nia nee

And, whatever loveliness comes to mind!

Also, ya girl is in the process of getting her own super professional and super dope domain name. I will surely update y’all when that becomes a reality, but I’m very excited.

Make sure to follow me all throughout social media to get updates on all the dopeness! 

Instagram: @loveniasimone

Tumblr: @niasimone

Facebook: Love, Nia Simone

Snapchat: @niaatastic (search me up & look for the cute black curly haired Bitmoji!) 

Again, thanks for taking a shot on me. You smart. You loyal. You grateful. I appreciate you.

Love, Nia Simone 


(P.S. here’s one of my fave turn-up tunes and an exquisite classic of my generation’s music. roscoe dash’s verse will forever be legendary.)

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