the 22nd chapter a.k.a happy birthday to me


I just turned 22 on August 8th. (Cue a smash-up of Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday and 2 Chainz’ Birthday Song)

22 is quite the awkward age. You’ve spent enough time in adulthood that people mistakingly think you have your life together. They ask questions like: When are you getting married? When am I going to see some babies?. As if when you drunkenly reach the finish line of college you spontaneously sober up and strut into the magical land of marriage and little ones.

Even I’m surprised I made it this far y’all; college was an uphill battle in itself. 

I’ve ever only thought this far in life. Even as a child, my mind was always reaching towards: I want to graduate college. Now that I’ve reached that milestone my life can go infinite different ways.

That’s a frightening reality. But, I desire to turn that fear into excitement. I’m planning on spending (at least) a year at home saving money and trying to do the dastardly deed of figuring the rest of my life out. Or, better yet, just figuring out the next step. The next step probably won’t involve marriage or babies. Give it like three more steps. I’m just trying to find my happiness and make sure that I’m good mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

21 was a dope year for me though. I accomplished a lot and I’m definitely in a better place now than I was a year ago. I’m ready to take on this first year of (sorta) adulthood and see how far I can get on this long and squiggly journey of figuring it out. I have a lot of ideas for the future bouncing around in my head; I’m just trying to turn them into reality.

I’m ready to adult.

Kinda sorta.

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2017? Have any passion projects in the works? Any tips for conquering adulthood? Let me know how you feel in the comment section below. 

10 thoughts on “the 22nd chapter a.k.a happy birthday to me

  1. This is soo relevant! I just turned 23 and I feel like I got pushed right into adulthood but it’s okay because “if you wait until you’re ready you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life!” Go for it girl, best of luck on your journey!

  2. Loved this read! It was so true aha I’m 20 and I get these questions and although I think I have it figure pretty good, life still throws rocks every now and then! 🙂 If you’d like to be nominated for the liebaster award message me!

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