Month: August 2017

#niadiaries vol. 2 – rainy day chronicles

Things are starting to turn. It’s interesting how your life starts to change when you truly believe it will, and that you deserve it. I’ve always heard that insanity is when you do the same action and expect different results. Over the past week I’ve been slowly altering my actions. Slow change is what I […]

lil music review; DANIEL CAESAR – FREUDIAN

I pride myself on being ahead of the wave. But, on my always entertaining Twitter feed, I kept seeing people praising Toronto singer Daniel Caesar‘s new album Freudian. First off, I had no idea who this guy Daniel Caesar even was…much less what the word Freudian even meant. So, before I actually listened to the album […]


With the changing of zee seasons comes an overhaul of zee closets. A good chunk of my clothes went off to the Goodwill today. You know what that means? Time to get more clothes. Back to school shopping was always something that I looked forward to as a kid. Even though I no longer have […]

Ya girl is on Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Issa beautiful day when you add another social account to your repertoire. Follow me on Bloglovin to get notifications straight to your inbox whenever I post. Be blessed beautiful people.

MUSIC I’M VIBING TO; J Cole – Want You To Fly

Cole is one of those artists that polarizes hip hop fans. You either adore him, or you think he’s some fake deep corn ball. Trust, I’ve met a lot of fake deep cornballs and Jermaine Cole is certainly not that. I don’t understand the hate that’s been collecting towards him and his fans over the […]

#niadiaries vol.1 – post-grad job hunting blues

I’m frustrated dawg. Like, I’m more than frustrated. I’m confuddled.  Call me naive, but I never expected the journey to making my first post-grad career move to be so ridiculously discouraging. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t pinpoint what exactly that is. It seems as though there are rarely any jobs […]

{90s/2000s R&B playlist} for colored girls who are lost in their own mind when the current state of america just isn’t enough

In the words of the one and only Vic Mensa: there’s a lot going on. Whether it’s the aftermath of Charlottesville or the depressing state of our current legislation, current events have been quite suffocating (for lack of a better word). Personally, I’ve been quite on edge emotionally. I suffer from anxiety so it doesn’t […]


What’s up love muffins? Guess who just reached that 100 followers mark! Ya girl that’s who!  I appreciate all of you beautiful people so much for choosing to rock it with me. I’ve got so many ideas to make a reality for y’all including but not limited to: Music Reviews Brand Spankin’ New Artist Showcases […]

Seven Ways I​ Utilize My #SelfCareSunday ft. Throwback Drizzy

In my mind, Sundays are always soon. No matter what ridiculousness the world may bestow upon me during the week, Sundays are my day to do what makes me happy. This often includes endless marathons of The Office and chamomile tea. A perfect combo, if I should say so myself. Here are a couple things […]

the 22nd chapter a.k.a happy birthday to me

I just turned 22 on August 8th. (Cue a smash-up of Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday and 2 Chainz’ Birthday Song) 22 is quite the awkward age. You’ve spent enough time in adulthood that people mistakingly think you have your life together. They ask questions like: When are you getting married? When am I going to […]