the soundtrack to your lazy day #niarecommends

Happy Sunday everybody. I hope y'all are doing swell. Don't y'all have those days where all you desire to do is lounge around in your pajamas and scroll through Netflix for your next binge-watch extravaganza? Today is that type of day for me. But, I tend to give my lazy days a soundtrack. What type of soundtrack? Glad you asked my beautiful internet friend. Here's a hefty supply of chillax worthy...

90s #TBT / ANYTIME, ANYPLACE – Janet Jackson

I was introduced to this song through Kendrick Lamar's sample usage of it on Good Kidd Maad City's Poetic Justice. That's one of the reasons I love hip hop. Through sampling, it can introduce you to music that you may not have had the chance to experience otherwise. Janet Jackson is forever a queen, but this video showcases her at her prime. Take a look back and listen to this classic track.

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series feat. CHANCE THE RAPPER

Reason #211 why I love Chance the Rapper. I'm a big fan of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. When I saw that Lil Chano from 79th had his own segment I pounced at the chance to peep. Accompanied by beautiful background vocals and live instrumentation, Chance is as he always is: authentic. Give this performance a watch; I promise it'll be a good use of your time.

issa trend – BAND TEES

Music merchandise has been a bit of a hot button topic lately, due to a couple Kardashians that got chewed out by the late rapper Biggie's mom for using his image without their permission.  If you want to peep some of the horrid t-shirt designs that they okay'd you can laugh at it right here and here. But, I'd rather not focus on the tacky. I have always loved a good band tee. As an awkward...


It's almost Independence Day beautiful people. That means bring on the slightly dangerous sparklers, ketchup and mustard-slathered hot dogs, and dramatic renditions of our beloved national anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner. If you're looking for the perfect playlist to turn your barbecue, party, or any type of summer celebration into a lituation, then you're in the right place. Here are ten...