relationships and the beauty of authenticity feat. 21 savage & amber rose

There’s something rather exquisite about Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. Maybe it’s the upside down cross in the middle of his forehead.

Maybe it’s how he’s cashed in on his universal meme status. But, I think what’s grabbed my attention the most is his overflowing authenticity. Hip-hop is full of rappers that spit fallacies instead of facts. They know what is marketable and what the quintessential rapper looks like to the American public, so they try to fill that braggadocious gun-pelting persona like:

As I slowly dug myself into some of 21 Savage’s musical repertoire (the Metro Boomin buddy project Savage Mode and the recently dropped Issa Album) I realized that 21 Savage is ’bout that action. When I hear him say things like,

                                                                  Think I got em’ scared, shot em’ in the beard/That’s a chin check, I’m certified everywhere – Close My Eyes

I believe it with every fiber of my being. Even though his music isn’t exactly my cup of tea I can appreciate that he’s not afraid to speak his truth.

I feel the same way about 21 Savage’s current girlfriend, model Amber Rose.

I’m always silently rooting for in the wild, wonderful world of celebrity-dom. She’s an open book and has that perfectly crafted “idgaf” attitude when it comes to what people think of her. She’s often slut-shamed throughout the entertainment world and on various realms of social media.

(Literally just look up her name on any social media site, and you’ll see an endless amount of haters. Endless.)

But, she used these hateful words as the fire to fuel her annual women’s empowerment weekend Amber Rose’s SlutWalk. Obviously, I could go on and on about how much I love Amber Rose.

Recently, the seemingly sporadic relationship between 21 Savage and Amber Rose has been the talk of the internet. Everyone has an opinion (as they always do) about whether it’s “real” or not, if it’s going to last, and if they’re good together or not.

I think they are.

As you can hear at 0:45, she makes him take his vitamins. If bae don’t push you to take your vitamins then, what is you doing baby???

Jokes aside, what I get out of 21 and Amber’s relationship is when two authentic beings get together it’s easy to uplift one another and produce positivity.

In the beginning stages of relationships, I’ve seen that people often inflate themselves in order to impress the other person. It’s kind of like how peacocks attract mates.

It’s like when you’re on a first date and you’re talking about high school, and you say that you were homecoming queen but you were actually the 3rd runner up out of four girls. I’m not saying that’s the worst thing a person can do (we often all do this on some level). But, when you have space in a relationship to be your authentic self you can get so much more out of that bond. You become comfortable, let your flaws show, and you have the opportunity to grow so much more as a person.

As an outsider looking into their glass house made of Snapchats and radio interviews, 21 & Amber seem happy. And as a lover of love, that makes me happy too.

Have you seen 21 & Amber’s PDA all up in your social media feed? Who’s your favorite celebrity couple, past or present? Let me know who’s your #relationshipgoals. (Is that still a thing that people still say?)


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