THRIFTING 101; Collab with Yolanda from My Wallet’s Keeper!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m collaborating with the wonderful Yolanda from My Wallet’s Keepera great finance and lifestyle blog right here on the interwebs. She’s got a ton of great posts on her blog giving out some great knowledge about saving money. Today we have joined forces to give

Today we have joined forces to give tips to all you beginner thrifters out there.

Thrifting speaks to the shopaholic in all of us that wants to pounce on the latest trends the minute they reach the hottest street-fashion blogs and all those LA bound YouTube vloggers with perfectly arched Anastasia brow pencil’d eyebrows. It gives all of us the chance to be ahead of the curve while keeping our pockets fat.

Never thrifted? Fear not! I’ve got five tips to make you the flyest and most efficient thrifter on the block.

In no particular order,

  1. Look through every section.

Don’t restrict yourself to one section of the store! I’ve found some dope t-shirts in the Men’s section and silky undershirts and bralettes in the lingerie section. If you’re only looking through one section of the store then you’re blocking your blessings. Don’t play yourself.

2.  Try it all on. 

Whether you’re hesitating or falling in love with a piece of clothing, everything can change in the dressing room. I know you may think you can eyeball your size, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and get it on body. There are often many different decades worth of clothing in the thrift store, and clothing sizes have changed over the years. Sizes even change by brand! Just do yourself a favor and try it on before you hand your money over.

3. Do your Googles! 

I know you’ve heard of the Goodwills and the Salvation Armys of the world, but there are way more thrift shops than you realize. From my experience, I’ve found that the best deals are found from those mom & pop type thrift shops. Just do a quick Google search for the thrift stores in your area and take a chance on a store you’ve never heard of. I’ve gotten pieces of clothing for as low as 50 cents! Issa deal!

4. Don’t be afraid to DIY! 

That Nike t-shirt that you found hiding in the Men’s section could turn into your next favorite crop top! A pair of scissors and some bleach can turn into your crafty best friend if you let it! Here are a couple of great DIY thrift YouTube videos to give you some ideas!


5. Second guess all your purchases, before you buy.

Thrifting is a blessing and a curse. Even though it’s so cheap, you shouldn’t let yourself fall victim to the cursed impulse buy. Trust me, I’m an expert on that matter. My closet has ballooned since I started thrifting in high school, and I’m just now getting to picking through clothes that I’ve never worn but I’ve had for years. Before you step up to the cashier you should have a plan for every piece of clothing you buy: whether that be an outfit, a DIY project, or a gift. Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap. Trust, you don’t want the piece to be collecting dust in your closet.

I hope these tips are helpful for you in your thrifting adventures. Have fun and happy thrifting!

Love, Nia Simone


(F.Y.I: Make sure y’all check out My Wallet’s Keeper for even more dope thrifting tips!)

9 thoughts on “THRIFTING 101; Collab with Yolanda from My Wallet’s Keeper!

  1. I’ve never gone thrifting for myself, but I’ve been with friends and it’s a pretty unique experience! I really enjoyed your tips, I may use them if I go thrifting in the future!

    – Danielle |

  2. I love this! I’ve always been the one opposed thrift shopping. It’s never really been my thing but my friends boyfriend has a vintage/old school thrift shop with clothes from the 90s and I fall in love with it everytime. I just bought some cool things from his shop and i can’t wait to go back. Your posts has definitely changed my perspective on thrifting.

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