(#TBTJam) THE INTERNET – you don’t even know ft. tay walker

Every Thursday, I’m going to re-introduce you to a killer song from back in the day.

Back in the day may mean ten years ago, two years ago, or two days ago. It just depends on what I want to put y’all on for today.

Today’s #TBTJam is a song off of The Internet‘s 2013 album Feel Good called You Don’t Even Know featuring Cali singer Tay Walker.


If you aren’t familiar with the group, The Internet is an eclectic alternative R&B group that catapulted to fame primarily from being a part of the now defunct (or, not?) hip-hop collective Odd Future. The group is filled to the brim with beautiful minds and beautiful people with beautiful talent. They’ve come a long way over the years, being nominated for a Grammy last year for their last studio album Ego Death.

This song is forever staying in my “in-my-feelings” playlist. It completely exemplifies the ill-fated crushes that I had back in high school, and whenever I listen to it I always get this rush of child-like wonder and innocence.

I just adore the live instrumentation and how Syd and Tay’s voices just ride the jazzy yet ethereal instrumental like it’s a majestic unicorn. Every component of the song just comes together so perfectly. It’s a truly incredible song that I think everyone should listen to, so take a listen.

What do you think of the tune? Let me know in the comment section below love.

2 thoughts on “(#TBTJam) THE INTERNET – you don’t even know ft. tay walker

  1. I like this idea. I think you should go back even further!! LOL I’m constantly listening to songs from the 90s because that was when I was a teen. I love how songs just bring you back to that timeframe. Great choice.

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