lil’ music review – BIG FISH THEORY / VINCE STAPLES

When I first peeped Long Beach rapper Vince Staples, I believe it was on Earl Sweatshirt’s song Hive back in 2013. I messed with his flow, his tone/accent, his crazy lyrics, and that he radiated over all these good vibes from just lounging in the front seat of the car. Skip right to 2:55 in the vid to hear his verse.

He just seemed like my kind of rapper, ya feel me? I’ve been following him like an awkward seventh-grade girl ever since then. His projects since then have been hit and miss for me, I loved the last full-length album from back in 2015, Summertime 06′, but  his last EP Prima Donna was a bit spotty for me. But Big Fish Theory, let me tell y’all, it surely solidified my unconditional love for Vincent Staples.

If they remade the movie Total Recall with the dopest black people you’ve ever met, Big Fish Theory would fit right into the soundtrack. Its futuristic atmospheric production is certainly ahead of the wave. It’s almost like a stellar video game soundtrack for a fighting game like Tekken. At times, the beats can get quite overpowering compared to the vocals like with the song Yeah Right.  But, the moments of discomfort don’t make me turn the song off. It just makes me wince just a smidge.

I always mess with Vince’s lyrics. He’s a unique storyteller and knows how to optimize his word-use. What I mean, he doesn’t overcrowd his verses with random foolishness. He gets right to the point and paints a picture that’s clear to the listener. I mess with that. A great example of that is on the song Rain Come Down with Ty Dolla $ign.


“…I’m the man, ten toes in the street; I’m the blood on the leaves, I’m the nose on the Sphinx; Where I’m from we don’t go to police; Where I’m from we don’t run, we just roll with the heat…” 

The album’s also got some other dope features that I won’t spoil. On first listen I really didn’t know who was on the album coming in so when I got to their verse I was like:

Big Fish Theory is definitely a project that I’ll be bumping in the whip all summer. It’s got that perfect combination of banger beats with supreme lyrical quality. It’s my kind of summer album, ya feel me?

If you’re skeptical of giving this album a listen give these tracks a chance: 745, Big Fish, & Yeah Right.

You’ve got an extra 10 minutes, right? I promise you won’t regret it.


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