fash inspo – WILD THOUGHTS / DJ KHALED, BRYSON TILLER, & RIHANNA (but mostly rihanna)

When I peeped the visual for DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” the other day, Rihanna’s tropical hued outfits captured my eye.

Rihanna KILLS all her outfits, as always. I don’t know who’s dressing her, whoever they are they deserve all of the monies. I was so inspired that I had to search around the net and find a little Ri-Ri inspired outfit that’ll be giving the locals wild thoughts all summer long.

wild thoughts
Here are a couple knock-offs that I found on the interwebs that give off the same carefree 70s boho vibe. In the video though, she’s wearing these super long printed pants that morph into her heels.
My thought is, that’s just too hot for the summer. My legs would just be over and done for. And also, I’m just too broke for all of that. I figured the outfit would be just as cute with printed shorts. But, I’m super in love with the printed head scarf, over the shoulder top, and door knocker earrings combination. I’m probably going to copy that fit some time over the summer, if we’re being real. (Maybe I’ll make a thrift trip specifically for finding the outfit!)
If you haven’t checked out the video I’ll leave it down below so you can catch the wave.

Rihanna’s style is always changing, and the world’s always trying to keep up with the trends she sets. What’s your favorite Rihanna fashion era? Have you ever tried to copy a celebrity’s hair, outfit, etc.? How’d that go? (I have a couple horror stories. LOL)

Let me know in a comment down below.


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