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Champion is the type of brand that you would have gotten ripped apart for by the Abercrombie and Fitch mean girls back in middle school. But, like every other obscure brand from back in the dizz-aye, they slowly but surely come back into style.

Recently, even the culture vultures Kardashians hopped on the Champion bandwagon.

If ya’ don’t know, now ya’ know: The 90s are back in full effect. Champion was the brand that was religiously worn by athletes back in the 90s, who were obsessed with it’s easy, breezy, beautiful, sporty spice style. Here’s a cool 90’s Champion commercial, when Champion was the official clothing sponsor of the 1996 Olympics.

I’ve been secretly pondering over how I’m going to jump on the bandwagon, and I found the solution when I stumbled upon a Payless that was going out of business at my local mall.
I could tell that I had gotten there extremely late because the Payless was picked apart like a Turkey dinner. There were only a couple shoes left in various sizes but these white and black Champion trainers caught my eye.


They may be two sizes too big, but I think I actually dig them. They’re ridiculously comfy and they’ll make for some cute-ish sneakers on chill days. Even if I only get significant wear out of them this summer (or, as long as this trend drags out) I won’t be too tight. I got them for six bucks and that’s enough reason for me to snag them.
I’m glad I got a cheap peek into this brand revival because they are some stores that are seriously taxing for some Champion. Urban Outfitters has a current collaboration with the brand,  and most of the hoodies are $60 and up. Streetwear brands like Stüssy have collaborated with the brand recently as well, and some of the pieces from those collections are going for $100+.
I ain’t mad though. Get your coin. But, I’m just going to stick with my six dollar Champion sneakers (and maybe, I’ll get lucky and find a cool lil’ thrift piece too.)

Who knows?

9 thoughts on “issa trend – CHAMPION

  1. Whoa. Champion. This took me back to my elementary days when their kicks came in all colors and were actually coveted. Let me find out they’re back in vogue, lol. I’ll be on the hunt for a pair. I live for anything 90’s-related.

  2. Champion was always my choice of selection for sneakers growing up & I usually got them from Payless as well… Hmm maybe I’ll look out for some newer styles from now..

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